1. Fighting Fire

From the recording At it Again

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Fighting Fire

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Fighting Fire

Well it's written that the earth
Shall be inherited by the meek
I never could turn the other cheek
The good book says
And it's the gospel truth
An eye for an eye
A tooth for a tooth
Mess with me
My words you better heed
Mess with my family
Son you’re going to bleed

I’m fighting fire
I’m fighting fire with fire
Oh Fire
I’m fighting fire with fire

Well you drive by shooters thinking you're real cool
Take an innocent life
Man that's cruel
You gang banging car jackers
Thinking your real slick
I got news for you man
You’re making me sick
We got to get out of the city
Get back to the farm
Where we can raise our families
Keep and bear arms

Repeat chorus

Well there doesn’t seem to be no justice
Starting now I’m just going to look out for #1
All we got is each other
I’m talking about justice
We got to live by the gun
Or die by the gun

Well you better get out of this old southern boy’s way
He might burn you down
Burn you down today

Repeat Chorus