1. I’m Back

From the recording At it Again

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I’m Back

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I’m Back

Well I’ve seen saints
I’ve seen sinners
All around this town
I’ve seen losers and winners
They're all trying to drag me down
I’ve seen a high price
Oh hanging over my head
I’ve been hit and run
Ohh I've been left for dead
But I’ve got news for you
And you'll soon find out it’s true
Baby I’m back yeah yeah

I’ve heard thunder
Felt the lightning
Oh I've been baked by the sun
I’ve been stabbed in the back
Stared down the barrel of a .44 gun
I’ve seen hard luck and trouble
Nearly all of my days
I’ve seen pain and misery
Oh in so many ways
So hear me when I say
You better get on your knees and pray

Baby I’m back
Oh like a phoenix
rising up from the ashes on the ground
I’m back
Oh with a vengeance
And a six gun sound

Well it's the law of the jungle
Only the strong survive
Well you can’t trust nobody baby

If you want to get out of here alive
You see God made man
And Colt made man equal
And at the end of the chapter
But the beginning of the sequel
Come judgment day
There’s going to be hell to pay

Repeat chorus