1. West Side

From the recording At it Again

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West Side

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West Side

Head east on I-10
Then you get off on Lane
That’s where the Skynyrd band baby
Made their claim to fame
Well it aint much to look at
Its where they call home
Where everyone learned to rock and roll
On the West Side
Well it’s the best side yeah
They guitars and cars
They got stars and bars
Down at the Wishing Well
They’re drinking rebel yell
They got bbq chickin on the grill
Drinking moonshine liquor for the whiskey still
On the west side
It’s the best side

One the west side
It's the best side
If you're looking for a thrill
The west side
It's the best side
Of old Jacksonville
We got the beach
We got the river
All points in between
We got the finest looking women
That you've ever seen
On the west side
It's the best side

Well if you ever find yourself
Around the Florida Georgia line
Well come on down baby
to the warm sunshine
Yeah come on down
You can be my guest
Come on down baby
Let me do the rest
On the west side
It's the best side
Repeat chorus